Three Pints Raised

The 3 Pint Method for Writing your B2B Blog

We believe that everyone who goes to the pub already understands and uses communication methods that could help their business writing.

We can show you how to apply this knowledge to writing your business-to-business blog, either in one of our sessions, or we can organise something bespoke for you.

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A clear idea

Pinning Down the Wasps. Why Writing Your B2B Website is Such a Pain and How to Ease It.

You start by needed to refresh the website. A few weeks later you find yourself awash with ideas and questions. Here’s how to marshal your thoughts.

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Team round a table, writing together

Referees, Persuasion and the Board. How Thinking About Your Reader Can Help Decision-Making.

Reports, presentations, blogs, tweets and endless emails; we all have to use words at work and we (mostly) know what we want to say. But how often do we consider how we’re going to say it? Or even why we’re writing in the first place?

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Person sitting at their desk, holding a black pen

Structure Your Executive Summary for a Decision

You need a decision from the senior management team, probably to spend money, time or both on a new project. You’ve done your homework and know what you are going to ask for. How can you make it easy for the team, your readers, to take the decision?

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Grayscale photo of person standing and reading a newspaper

Why One Press Release Is Not Enough. And What You Can Do Instead

PR is often a nice-to-have rather than a must-have. For small businesses it can seem time-consuming, expensive, and you’re not even sure if it works. Usually, there are more pressing things to do.

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Group of people raising their hands in the air

Pre-Meeting Deck for New Business? Think New York Times

How can you excite your reader with your pre-meeting deck? Try this: think of your presentation as the New York Times. (I know!)

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