The 3 Pint Method for Writing your B2B Blog

Our 3 Pint Method will get your blog written quickly and easily. It’ll make you look good to your peers, possibly win new business and definitely let you get back to your day job faster. All over a few pints and by mostly speaking your blog, rather than writing.


Too often in business writing the pub bore tends to take over. Business blogs are littered with pointless phrases, generalisations, unqualified claims and complicated sentences. They’re usually too long and very dull. Like this:

Poor example

The effortless chat of the pub has vanished in the formality of writing for work. Now that you’re writing rather than talking, long words replace easy sentences, background information overwhelms the actual news, useful details disappear into generic statements. You’ve not applied the truisms of the pub to business writing.


And yet successful blogging is all about this naturalness, about making life simple for your reader. It’s like a good bartender who effortlessly pours your pint of Guinness first, so it’s ready with the rest of the round.


Here’s how this blog could look if you applied the communication strategies of the pub.

 Good example


We use speech-to-text tools to give your blog the informality and spontaneity of the pub. Speaking your blog first helps to combine the spirit of the bar, with the knowledge of the office.


If your blog is easy to read, it’ll give the reader confidence in you. This makes it more likely that they’ll listen to and act on your ideas.


Would you like to try this out?

We're running a trial session on 27th September 2022 at Second Home, Spitalfields. Or, let us come to you. We'll look at your pub communications skills and turn your spoken word into an amazing blog! 

We’ll show you how to:

·        set yourself up to be read (so you don’t become the pub bore)

·        get your ideas down easily (speaking your blog)

·        edit for effect (sharpening it up)


Once we’re done you’ll have content you can use with prospects. Post it on your website, put excerpts on LinkedIn and Twitter, mention it down the pub.

Drop Kate a line and she'll organise the beers.